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How to Place a Wager

How do I pick a horse?

Handicapping is the art of picking winners. Generally you want to select the horse that will perform better than his rivals based on his performance in his most recent races.

How are odds determined?

Raceway Park’s handicapper sets the morning line: the odds he believes the horses will have at post time. Everybody who wagers on a Raceway Park race - either here at the track or elsewhere through simulcasting - sets the final odds that appear on the tote board and are used to determine the payoffs. Note that odds are only reflective of the win pool.

What wagers can I make at Raceway Park?

You can bet all straight wagers, (Win, Place & Show), as well as popular exotic wagers, (Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta), and multiple race bets, (Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4 & Pick 6). Our complete betting menu varies based on the day so just ask one of our Mutuel Tellers if your bet is available.

How do I know which types of wagers are offered on a race?

The types of wagers that are allowed on each race will be printed at the top of every page in the race program.

Where do I place a wager?

Wagering windows are located throughout the track. If you’re not sure how to make a wager, please visit the windows between any race and ask a Mutuel teller to assist you. We also have several Self-Serve wagering terminals thoroughout the facility for the more experienced horseplayers.

Can I wager with a credit card?

No. All wagers must be made with cash. We have ATM’s located throughout the building as well as cash advance services located at the information window in the middle of the 1st floor.

How do I place a bet with a teller at a wagering window?

State the NAME of the track.

State the RACE NUMBER.

State the AMOUNT of the bet.

State the TYPE of bet.

State the NUMBER of the horse.

Example: Raceway, 4th race, $2 Win on the 5

What if I make a mistake?

Check ALL tickets as soon as you receive it and BEFORE you leave the Mutuel window. If you place the wager before post time of the race, you can cancel the ticket and make another bet.

How do I find out if I won?

Check the tote board and television monitors after the race becomes official or you can take your ticket to a Mutuel Teller.

How much will I win?

That depends on how much you wager, the type of bet you make and the horse’s odds.

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